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You haven’t asked yet. I was hoping to do something meaningful with my life. And spoil my great sex life? Nobody would believe me in white. Because I just love hearing this question. Just lucky, I guess. It gives my mother something to live for.

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Laugh out loud this is the ultimate number 1 Lool I heard diss one already It means that your mum is so fat that when she went to the sea and she saw a whale the whale started to sing that we are a family Yo mama so fat when you came out the sea with a yello top on someone shouted hey taxi Sooo funny V Comments 17 You’re so fat that the only letters of the alphabet you know are K F C. That so funny, I am laughing and my mum walked in and she asked what so I told her she peed her pants I am voting for you because you have the best one, my friends is obsessed with chicken too Laugh out loud awesome diss definitely using this one This is an awesome diss really good to use in a dissing competition Lol it’s funny V Comments 18 You’re so poor even African people made you a charity.

YOU ass not every one is poor in Africa there are people in my country South Africa that you wish you were get your common knowledge up! I think the world is showing the bad side of Africa I live in South Africa and it’s a beautiful place were people have jobs, and you can find people richer than the creator of this joke!

Funny Questions and Answers  Q. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it? A. Concrete floors are very hard to crack! *****  Q. Wonderful questions answers game. I like the funny game very much. Thanks for sharing it through the post. Good job man.

What signs are good from a ex boyfriend? Signs that he still cares and might be interested in another try? If he calls you, texts you, e mails you.. If he asks you to hang out. If he isn’t dating anyone else. MORE What is a good song to send your ex boyfriends new girlfriend? If he is your ex and he has moved on with a new girlfriend you should move on as well – forward.

It is best you leave them both alone as interferring and trying to bother them will not do anything but cause problems and make you look bad in the end. I realize you may be hurt that he has moved on but… in time you will see that letting them be and moving forward with your life it isn’t worth it in the end and not worth the time – it will make you the mature and better person. The best advice I could give is to reference a man who did it best: This is similar to what Winston Churchill said to Lady Astor at a party.

Lady Astor “Winston, you’re drunk! Lady As…tor “If you were my husband, I’d poison your tea.

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On the other hand, there was a really thoughtful guy who planned a picnic at a park and brought all of my favorite foods and drinks. There was also a pathological liar who fibbed about his international travels how could he go from LA to Peru to Paris in a day? I learned that everyone is on Hinge and Tinder and so I joined both. Tinder and I are not compatible so that lasted about a week.

I went on a couple of dates from the site, and met some people who seemed interesting and smart.

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The heart surgeon was waiting for the service manager to come and take a look at his bike. Allan shouted across the garage, ‘Hey Doc can I ask you a question? Allan straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked, ‘So Doc, look at this engine. I also can open hearts, take valves out, fix’em, put in new parts and when I finish this will work just like a new one.

So how come I work for a pittance and you get the really big money, when you and I are doing basically the same work? When he was called in to see the doctor, Adam slowly got up, and, grasping his cane and hunching over, slowly made his way into the examining room. After only a few minutes, Adam emerged from the room, walking completely upright. Paul, another patient who had watched him hobble into the room all hunched over, stared in amazement.

Ronan kept going to the ophthalmic doctor because his eye hurt and the doctor finally discovered his problem. The Doc told him, ‘Your eye hurts when you drink tea, so you can’t drink tea.

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A car hit an elderly Jewish man. The paramedic says, ‘Are you comfortable? I took my mother-in-law to the airport. I’ve been in love with the same woman for 49 years.

Woman With ‘No Asians’ Policy on Dating Show Apologizes for ‘undermining Asian males on national TV’ Woke Asian American lady makes a funny video about self-hating AFs. 8 · 5 comments. Do you identify more with your Asian side, or other half? Also the fact you are asking for advice for comebacks is a strong indication that.

No ur a poo haha. But John came fifth, and won a toaster. Two polar bears are sitting in a bathtub. Bill Gates farted in an apple store and stank up the entire place. Here is a video with 25 dumb ones from the guys at “List25” Our joke categories you can enjoy on this site Girlfriend jokes: We all know how a relationship can go. These girlfriend jokes are funny because they take many thing from true relationship and gives them a funny twist.

They are much more funny if you had or have a girlfriend or wife, then you know what the punchline means. Husband and wife jokes: Like those above, you have to have a wife or husband too really understand it fully. These makes fun of the marriage between a woman and man. The funny thing about many of these here is that they are true. Well dont be afraid to get married, a marriage is much more fun than a simple joke. A joke about Jews have a racist undertone, they focusing on the appearances like their noses, likeness for money, circumcision and most of all the Second World War II.

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It’s a parole violation to associate with known felons. Did you get the jersey number by any chance? The Halloween pumpkin on your front porch has more teeth than your spouse.

Don’t let nosy questions about your singleness catch you off-guard. While it’s none of your great-aunt’s business as to why you’re still single, she’s still likely to inquire. Here are 10 great comebacks to the “Why are you still single?” question: 1. Because you haven’t proposed yet. 2. Just lucky, I guess. 3.

Any similarity between you and a human is purely coincidental! Anyone who told you to be yourself couldn’t have given you worse advice. Are your parents siblings? As an outsider, what do you think of the human race? Better at sex than anyone; now all he needs is a partner. Calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people. Did your parents ever ask you to run away from home? Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you’d had enough oxygen at birth?

Do you want people to accept you as you are or do you want them to like you? Don’t you have a terribly empty feeling – in your skull? Do you still love nature, despite what it did to you? Don’t you need a license to be that ugly? Every girl has the right to be ugly, but you abused the privilege! Go ahead, tell them everything you know.

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You know, it is very upsetting. When I was thin, it was “Hey, nice tits. I think a dignified silence, or the haughty “Excuse me? Whether you stayed home, kept the top down, lost weight, whatever, rude people like these will always be rude.

Your reply: “That’s funny, because this feels like my nightmare.” If you want to let him know that his introduction is weak, and he needs to do better, then use this witty comeback to do so. It’ll probably make him laugh, but that’s okay.

What do you call a smiling, courteous person at a bar association convention? What’s the difference between a female lawyer and a pitbull? What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of ? What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 50 A: What’s the difference between an accountant and a lawyer? Accountants know they’re boring. What’s the one thing that never works when it’s fixed? Why did God invent lawyers? So that real estate agents would have someone to look down on. What’s the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a lawyer on a motorcycle?

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What’s bigger than the state of Bengal? The Bay of Bengal Why does a Malayalee go to a temple? How does a baby mallu cry? He tested the soil if it was fit to plant tapioca.

Jan 26,  · Funny retorts I found online: 1. I keep turning down proposals. 2. Well, you haven’t proposed yet. 3. My mail-order spouse should be arriving soon. 4. Having both a husband and a child would be redundant.

Argento has since changed her story, saying it was Bennett who assaulted her. She wrote of being caught alone with him in his room at the Hotel du Cap: He re-emerged naked a couple of minutes later and asked if I would give him a massage. Panicking, in shock, I remember weighing up the options and wondering how much I needed to placate him to keep myself safe. He asked if I would like a massage instead, and for a second I thought this might be a way to give him an inch without him taking a mile.

Since last fall, she has been living in Australia, staying in close touch with fellow survivors via social media. Brock recently spoke to TheWrap about the aftermath of her public accusation against Weinstein.

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