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Media rituals as class- and culture-dependent discourses and functions. Lucia in Hufvudstadsbladet and the construction of Svenskfinland. Abstract This study is an empirical and interdisciplinary examination of Lucia in the Hufvudstadsbladet HBL daily newspaper. My aim is to give visibility to a longstanding media text that has become important for the Swedish-speaking people in Finland.

Finnish graphemes ä and ö are not umlauts like in German; conversion to ae and oe in Finnish language is less correct than in German language. Conversion to a and o is more common and almost universally used in email-addresses.

Nordic Cross flag Nordic flags, from left to right: A selection of Nordic flags used in Northern Europe, from left to right Bottom row: The term Nordic Cross flag describes certain flags bearing the design of the so-called Nordic or Scandinavian cross, a cross symbol in a rectangular field, with the center of the cross shifted towards the hoist. All of the Nordic countries except Greenland have adopted such flags in the modern period, and while the Scandinavian cross is named for its use in the national flags of the Scandinavian nations, the term is used universally by vexillologists , in reference not only to the flags of the Nordic countries.

The Danish design was adopted for the flags of Norway civil ensign and Sweden , both derived from a common ensign used during the Union between Sweden and Norway — , Iceland and Finland ; some of the subdivisions of these countries used this as inspiration for their own flags. The Norwegian flag was the first Nordic cross flag with three colours.

All Nordic flags may be flown as gonfalons as well. Flags of the Nordic countries Note that some of these flags are historical.

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on uusi hakupalvelu, joka yhdistää verkkoyhteisöissä olevat käyttäjäprofiilit yhteen paikkaan.Käyttäjä voi rekisteröityessään syöttää palveluun nimimerkkinsä eri verkkoyhteisöissä. Tämän jälkeen käyttäjälle luodaan sivu, josta löytyy linkit kaikkiin hänen profiileihinsa eri palveluissa.

Ghost tours are run nightly. Various ghost groups have reported sightings due to the death of seven people in the s. A large number of visitors to the site report seeing spectres of past convicts and others wandering through the grounds. Stories of ghostly interactions are recorded from the s to the present day with many of these modern sighting recorded on the nightly ghost tours held at the site.

Thirteen people were executed here. The remains of 7 criminals are still in the grounds. Features in Ballarat Ghost Tours, operating nightly. The theatre’s best known ‘inhabitant’ is Frederick Baker, stage name ‘Federici’, a talented bass-baritone singer who died in March whilst singing Mephistopheles in Faust – and who was seen by the rest of the cast taking his bows with them shortly thereafter.

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It takes its name from the “black earth” terremare residue of settlement mounds. The Villanovan culture was the earliest Iron Age culture of central and northern Italy, abruptly following the Terramare culture and giving way in the 7th century BC to an increasingly orientalizing culture influenced by Greek traders, which was followed without a severe break by the Etruscan civilization.

Villanovan cultural origins, but perhaps not all its peoples, lay in the Eastern Alps, with connections to the Halstatt culture. The Villanovans introduced iron-working to the Italian peninsula; they practiced cremation and buried the ashes of their dead in pottery urns of distinctive double-cone shape.

This map shows the Villanovan culture around BC.

Onomastic Research in Finland. T. his article covers the Finnish onomastic research in the past thirty years. We will present the research through the choices that have been made: why the research has specialised in certain specific branches, how it has changed and developed in the course of time and what factors have affected the changes.

Writing this at a safe distance from Helsinki, and with no obvious blog topics rushing at me, I can throw out some maybe whimsical ideas about the meaning of midsummer. Only foreigners and teenagers and sundry odd types stay in town. Everyone else has decamped to the countryside for bonfires, sauna and drunken debauchery. But Juhannus now feels more and more parochial and nationalist. But only so long as you join in the drinking and have a place somewhere in the bosom of the fatherland to pass out in afterwards.

But before I get too carried away, I should point out that there are efforts to make it palatable in Helsinki too. Seurasaari for example, organises a party in Helsinki itself.

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Sprogbrug i internationaliseringsprocesser [‘Language use in processes of internationalization’]. Final report from the Nordic group on parallel language use to the Nordic Council of Ministers, November Available at Nordisk sprogkoordination. Medlare – eller dubbelt marginaliserad? Immigrants’ identity construction in Ostrobothnia’]. In Svenskans Beskrivning

Hälsningar från det nordiska eTwinning ambassadörsmötet!Ett trettiotal eTwinningambassdörer samlades den i Römskog utanför Oslo för att utbyta idéer, gå igenom vad som är på kommande och framför allt för att diskutera Nordic k CRAFT är ett initiativ som Nordiska Ministerrådet understöder.

First post for the sixteenth: Beyond it, just on the edge of the image, are the five or six storey perimetre blocks of Punavuori and Ullanlinna, also considered success stories. It is part of the Western Harbour area as the City calls it, to be redeveloped on the land left vacant by the large new port in Vuosaari. Researching these new areas is a little tricky.

In the age of the internet, particularly in this haven of technophiles, one is easily lulled into thinking that up-to-date information on changes affecting one will be available with the click of a mouse or a few. One would be mistaken.

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Amino acids with relevance to health, climate and the environment: Development of mass spectrometric methods Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary Other academic Abstract [en] Amino acids play vital roles in health, either in their native form or chemically modified. Various environmental pollutants, including carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic compounds, are able to react forming adducts with blood proteins.

Amino acids may also be essential in chemical ecology as constituents of flower nectar, potentially used by common feeders as butterflies to synthesize pheromones. Additionally, proteinaceous materials have been detected in aerosols with an apparent potential to influence climate, possibly having a role in cloud formation.

Mar 20,  · At the back of the book are essays by the editors, as well as by Henrika Ringbom and Juhani Tolvanen, plus a short retrospective introduction by Tove Jansson herself dating .

FI Who are the Finland-Swedes? A linguistic minority in Finland who maintain a strong identity, a distinct subgroup of the Finnish people or a distinct nationality of its own? The Swedish spoken by Finland-Swedes consists of distinct dialects that are understandable by other Swedish speakers and those who speak other Scandinavian languages. The majority of Swedish-speaking Finns are bilingual. Depending on whom you ask, the Finland-Swedes are either an ethnically determined subgroup of Finns or a distinct nationality with its own culture, history and language.

The Swedish-speaking population tend to be located in certain areas of Finland, particularly along the southern and western coasts. The idea of six degrees of separation finds its apotheosis in Finland-Swedish society, except it would be more accurate to say three degrees instead of six. This relatively small community is bound up in many traditions; including those related to everyday Finnish culture and those that are entirely distinct among Finland-Swedes.

They, of course, feel part of Finland yet tend to be aware of belonging to a distinct group within the wider society. This website has been created to provide information about the Finland-Swedish people, their culture and way of life. At the top of the page you can find a link bar directing you to the main topics.

We have tried to provide informative and easy-to-digest information to give our visitors an accurate and up-to-date idea of what it means to be a Finland-Swede.

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Doctoral dissertation monograph Abstract: Media rituals as class- and culture-dependent discourses and functions. Lucia in Hufvudstadsbladet and the construction of Svenskfinland. Abstract This study is an empirical and interdisciplinary examination of Lucia in the Hufvudstadsbladet HBL daily newspaper. My aim is to give visibility to a longstanding media text that has become important for the Swedish-speaking people in Finland.

Helsinki was founded by King Gustav I of Sweden in as the town of Helsingfors, which he intended to be a rival to the Hanseatic city of Reval (today: Tallinn).Little came of the plans as Helsinki remained a small coastal town for a long time, plagued by poverty, wars, and diseases.

The Finnish language form of the city’s name probably originates from ‘Helsinga’ and similar names used for the river currently known as Vantaanjoki, as documented as early as the 14th century. Helsinki pronounced with the stress on the first syllable: Helsingfors comes from the name of the surrounding parish, Helsinge source for Finnish Helsinki and the rapids in Swedish: Another possible derivation looks to the Swedish word hals neck , referring to the narrowest part of the river, i.

Bothnia is a Latinization of Old Norse botn, [24] meaning “bottom”. Thus most such names have a self-evident immediate origin: The traditional provinces and regions of any period often bear names with richer but more obscure histories. Euskal Herria — derived from the ancient tribe of the Vascones via the medieval Duchy of Vasconia and a County of Vasconia, split from it. The Basque name derives from Euskara the autochthonous name of the Basque language.

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