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Dubai Fashion Fiesta is the premium fashion event in Asia with designers, models, Buyers and fashion press from all over the world participating. Nigeria was invited for the first time last year through Legendary Gold Limited. Legendary Gold will be presenting 6 top Nigerian labels this year. Ifeoma who hails from Imo state holds a B. Ed in English from the university of Ibadan, and a diploma in computer operation and management from the University of Lagos. This is done through exquisite and well thought out designs on rich fabric and mastery of the tapestry. The Nassarawa born creative director of REEDAS Rukkayah Mohammed Suleiman, is carving a niche for her signature label in the fashion industry, The 30 year old is happily married with two kids and has over the years mastered the art of creating custom made outfits that cut across different cultures for a diverse group of client. After giving up being a lawyer and an IT consultant to embrace her childhood dream and passion for the world of fashion Fatima Aliyu Garba became the Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director of the House of Farrah.

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But we were shocked by the good looks of all the patrons that we encountered during our meal. The Brite Spot W.

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Tommy Fleetwood Moving To PGA Tour Early In New Year.

Best hook up places in dubai A single man in dubai dating dos and donts. Further to your comments regarding our staff, rooms and internet, i wish you have brought the matter with our front office manager and myself so that proper course of action has been done with the concerned staff. Ll be up again in no time. Giving you a true taste of the culture, class and charm of the city of dubai. I have compiled an expert list of the best nightclubs, bars, etc.

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Nov 28,  · Autonomously driven square pods will queue up for one of four spots within a larger pod propelled through a tube from Dubai to Abu Dahbi. “Pods can seat anywhere from six to people as comfortably as a living room,” Hyperloop One indicated in a statement.

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