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The name “Reddit” is a play-on-words with the phrase “read it”, i. As of May [update] , there are over 11, active subreddits. Each subreddit has a front page that shows newer submissions that have been rated highly. Redditors can also post comments about the submission, and respond back and forth in a conversation-tree of comments; the comments themselves can also be upvoted and downvoted. The front page of the site itself shows a combination of the highest-rated posts out of all the subreddits a user is subscribed to. Front-page rank—for both the general front page and for individual subreddits—is determined by the age of the submission, positive “upvoted” to negative “downvoted” feedback ratio and the total vote-count. The site’s logo and its mascot is a line drawing of an alien nicknamed “Snoo”. Subreddits often use themed variants of Snoo relevant to the subject. Users Registering an account with Reddit is free and does not require an email address. As of June [update] , there were 36 million user accounts.


By Derek Nichols 12 months ago After releasing For Honor and listening to fan feedback, Ubisoft reveals plans to buff heroes like Valkyrie and change certain mechanics like guard break. Communicating with fans on the For Honor subreddit , community developer Eric Pope revealed that the developers are already working on a number of fan requested improvements. Previously, when human players quit mid match, they were replaced by a bot with full health.

Ubisoft realizes this can be a bit unfair, especially if players were on the verge of winning, so instead, bots will spawn into the match dead first before respawning into the match. Another major change is coming to the guard break countering move, which can leave an opponent or player vulnerable to attack.

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Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, a Jordanian immigrant found guilty of honor killings, could now face the death penalty. A Texas jury convicted Irsan of killing his daughter’s American husband and an Iranian women’s rights activist in what prosecutors described as “honor killings. And the only way to clean that honor is to kill. A sentencing hearing was set to begin Friday.

Irsan faces life in prison or the death penalty. Irsan testified that his daughter caused his family pain after running away to marry Beavers, and that Bagherzadeh had encouraged the union. Nesreen Irsan testified that her father forbade her from dating Christians. She said she went to court to obtain a protective order to stop her family from harassing her after she moved in with Beavers.

Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan acknowledged that he violated the protective order by continuing to call his daughter and drive near Beavers’ home. But he said he was concerned his daughter was on drugs and making bad decisions. Among the nearly witnesses in the trial was Irsan’s wife, Shmou Alrawabdeh, who testified last week that her conservative Muslim husband believed he had to kill Beavers to restore his honor.

She told the jury that Irsan sneaked into Beavers’ apartment and shot him to death. Alrawabdeh was also charged in the case, but she pleaded guilty to a lesser kidnapping charge in exchange for testifying against Irsan. Irsan alleged in his testimony that his son, Nasim Irsan, was selling drugs and had attempted to poison him.

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People occasionally submit hentai games that pass the judgment phase here on NG. Since there’s an apparent demand for this sort of thing, we’ve put together a collection page!

The addition of Mayor Jim McNulty’s portrait to Scranton City Hall was a long time coming, and it’s something his wife was going to make sure happened. Inside City Hall, there’s a display of the city’s mayoral history — portraits of mayors dating back to But there’s been an interruption in that history for quite some time since Mayor McNulty never put up his own portrait when he left office in The rose was a symbol of McNulty’s campaign for mayor in the s.

So much so, that when he married the love of his life, Evie Rafalko, in they didn’t get a wedding portrait taken. Mayor McNulty passed away in , and even now, he’s learning a lesson most husbands eventually do: The thing he loved most of all was this city. I’ll defer to that. It’s only appropriate, and I’m just happy he’s here to be a part of the history of the rest of the city.

Rashida Jones and Ezra Koenig reportedly welcome baby

The chaos turned to absolute silence as word of the approaching inspection team spread. Inspectors addressed Cougar Battalion cadets by explaining what was going to happen and expectations for success. The cadet chain of command issued orders, and the inspection was underway.

The heart and soul of For Honor are its multiplayer modes, and unfortunately, at this time, there are enough issues with matchmaking and peer-to-peer connections that you may want to wait until Ubisoft has some time to fix those problems.

Ubisoft just made For Honor a lot less annoying A couple of subtle tweaks make a big difference. For Honor has daily quests, called Orders, that upon completion reward steel, the in-game currency. Orders are your best source for steel, so you want to do them. The frustration comes when you get an Order that focuses on the Elimination 4v4 game mode, or the Skirmish 4v4 with AI soldiers game mode. Just load up Elimination, or Skirmish, depending on what the quest is, play then get your steel.

Unfortunately, For Honor had lumped Elimination and Skirmish into the same matchmaking search, collectively called Deathmatch. So, even if you’d selected one or the other as your preferred game type, you had no real control over which of the two modes you’d end up playing. It meant that if you had Skirmish-related Orders, for example, you couldn’t just play Skirmish to get them done. You might have ended up playing Elimination after Elimination after Elimination, without getting a Skirmish for hours.

For Honor for PC Reviews

Jan31 When reading the title of this post you may ask, why write about the New Year on February 1st? It was my intention to write this post in January but I was enjoying the New Year so much, time just got away from me. So it is with a new love.

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Formation[ edit ] In April , the pro-wrestling video-distribution company RF Video needed a new promotion to lead its video sales when its best-seller — Extreme Championship Wrestling ECW — went out of business and WWE purchased the rights to its brandname. RF Video also videotaped events held by other, less-popular, regional wrestling promotions; it sold these through its catalog and website. In its first year of operation, Ring of Honor confined itself to staging live events in a limited number of venues and cities — primarily in the northeastern United States.

It also began to build its international identity by co-promoting an event with Frontier Wrestling Alliance in London, England on May 17, Rob Feinstein Controversy[ edit ] In , Feinstein was caught in an internet-based sting operation, in which he allegedly tried to solicit sex on the internet from a person that he thought to be an underage boy but was actually an adult, posing as a minor. Under Silkin, ROH branched out across the world.

The deal called for six taped pay-per-view events to air every 60 days. Louis, Missouri , Nashville, Tennessee , and Montreal before the end of The final tapings of the show would be taking place on January 21 and 22, with the final episode airing on April 4,

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There have been game breaking balance issues for the alpha players, as well as rumors that the single player campaign will be inaccessible without a constant internet connection, which we covered here. Yesterday, a new issue was brought to light by an NDA breaking Reddit user: Reddit user MexGrow released his NDA breaking video, linked below, just yesterday, to share his outrage that For Honor is using peer-to-peer matchmaking instead of dedicated servers. Check out how rough it is for him to get into a match in the video.

Now, For Honor does not have massive amounts of players to support for each match, although a huge 30v30 mode would be an awesome addition some day, but peer-to-peer matchmaking will always cause issues, even in the 1v1 and 2v2 modes. It is possible that Ubisoft may be planning to switch to dedicated servers as For Honor approaches launch but since the game is set to come out in just a couple months, one would think that now would be the time to be stress testing servers, maybe with an open beta?

For Honor is a fast-paced and immersive experience, mixing skill with visceral, never-before-seen melee combat. The Art of Battle, the game’s innovative control system, puts you in total control of your heroes, each with distinct skills and weapons, as you annihilate all soldiers, archers, and opposing heroes who stand in your way on an Reviews:

Although this could be part of Ubisoft’s continued support of the GeForce Experience giveaways–the company has also given away Ghost Recon Wildlands, Watch Dogs 2, and other titles– it also seems like an attempt to staunch the fighting game’s bleeding player base. For Honor debuted in February with a simple premise: Fights come in a few different flavors, with the most popular being one-on-one duels and crowded battlefields where teams of players fight with computer-controlled grunts.

The game is basically a few pirates short of the ultimate power fantasy. But that power fantasy doesn’t seem to have captured as many people as Ubisoft might have liked. It’s worth noting that these aren’t internal figures, and they consider the game’s PC audience only, so it could have more players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Corps denies using dating apps to recruit new Marines

In the podcast’s debut season, journalist Sarah Koenig reexamines a Baltimore murder case from that landed Adnan Syed, Hae’s ex-boyfriend, in prison for her murder. The point of “Serial” is to delve into the inconsistencies of the case. Adnan has always proclaimed his innocence, and there are holes in the story of the witness who told the court he helped Adnan bury Hae’s body.

So far this season, we’ve heard from jurors, friends of Adnan and Hae, and witnesses.

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Afterwards the game doesn’t launch at all or just closes after the intro videos. Open your For Honor game page, click “Properties”, and in the “Local files” section select “Verify files. Close the game, check that all game processes have ended correctly or close them using Task Manager , and restart the game. Close the game and restart Uplay PC client. Player must restart the game. We were able to reproduce the issue with our open beta version but have yet to successfully reproduce it on our official release version of the game.

If you encounter this issue in the full release version of the game, please contact Customer Support and share your DXDiag report in order to help us reproduce it. Unplug all other non-necessary peripherals, especially Steering Wheels and Flight Joysticks. Connect the Controller using USB. Install Windows 10 Anniversary update. Preferably invite friends with open or moderate NAT types.

For Honor: How to Earn Renown During a Match & What It Does

The Wu Lin faction from ancient China is joining the fray this fall with the Marching Fire expansion. During an interview with Variety at E3 , creative director Roman Campos-Oriola explained that they try not to take that success for granted, especially after its initial growing pains. Among other problems , players complained of crippling connectivity issues and a painfully slow grind to unlock new characters.

Feb 17,  · For Honor’s combat is the kind of brutal melee I always wanted, but never thought I’d actually get to play. Its third-person action-game exterior hides a strategically complex fighting game Author: Brandin Tyrrel.

The single most important thing to understand about reddit and part of what made the reddit effort so amazing is that reddit is not a single monolithic site. Because of this, some subreddits are fairly free-for-all with very few moderators or rules, while others can have a very strict set of rules and a large, active moderation team. Because the moderation style can vary so heavily between subreddits, you should always try to familiarize yourself with the rules of a particular subreddit before posting in it.

Moderators are also able to customize the appearance of their subreddits by using CSS, and many subreddits have done extremely thorough jobs of this, sometimes changing the look of reddit very significantly. Multiple functions that have been built into the site over the years originated as clever CSS hacks developed by moderators. Admins work on many different aspects of reddit and redditgifts , and are generally not involved directly in the operation of specific subreddits at all.

Is For Honor ANY GOOD? A Week Later…