Plate tectonics

The division is based on differences in mechanical properties and in the method for the transfer of heat. The lithosphere is cooler and more rigid, while the asthenosphere is hotter and flows more easily. In terms of heat transfer, the lithosphere loses heat by conduction , whereas the asthenosphere also transfers heat by convection and has a nearly adiabatic temperature gradient. This division should not be confused with the chemical subdivision of these same layers into the mantle comprising both the asthenosphere and the mantle portion of the lithosphere and the crust: The key principle of plate tectonics is that the lithosphere exists as separate and distinct tectonic plates , which ride on the fluid-like visco-elastic solid asthenosphere. Tectonic lithosphere plates consist of lithospheric mantle overlain by one or two types of crustal material: Because it is formed at mid-ocean ridges and spreads outwards, its thickness is therefore a function of its distance from the mid-ocean ridge where it was formed. The location where two plates meet is called a plate boundary.

We’re just not that into you : 日付 disasters from the trenches (本, ) []

4月 18, twiinklex rated it liked it Quick, easy and humourous read. I love the tone of the entire book because the authors and contributors do not take themselves too seriously. It’s quite an eye-opener at how disastrous some dates can be as well as how lousy some men are. And I thought I’d seen plenty!

I buy and sell old photos and postcards for a living, that’s a full-time living, with kids, a dog, a ridiculously high electricity bill, the whole package, so I need to have a fair idea of what I’m buying to keep my ‘dealers’ badge rather than become a full time collector with expensive taste!

日曜日, 26 February How much is an old photo worth, and how long IS a piece of string?? These two questions go hand in hand although the latter seems to be an easier one to answer. I buy my photos the old fashioned way, by door knocking established areas and simply asking to purchase old albums and odd black and white photos.

Now I can continue down the list, but you can tell we are talking about art, not so much the photo. As for the artsy stuff, I have to agree, but as far as images of famous historical people, or images of historical importance, the odds are higher than you think. Ebay has been the go to hub of collectors for years now. A few years ago I had the privilege of selling one of my photos to a Texas museum after uncovering the man in question was in fact Buffalo Bill Cody.

Who would of thought that pictures of men with beards, tricycles, fishing rods, aeroplanes, cows, beach gymnastics, would all have a dollar value. CDV Carte de Visite albums are fascinating. French for Visiting Card, these types of photos were predominately portraits and ranged from approx. Here amongst the small pocket sized images you will find mostly family shots, but also some very expensive famous people, as the card was often replicated and sold on as either a business card or advertisement.

People of notoriety have a habit of wanting to be remembered, so not many shied away from this new technology that promised them eternity.

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And you don’t want to depend on just one source, because every site has a bias of some kind. ノー, the savvy consumer of news and opinion will let Internet democracy tell them what to read — you go to a site where the users submit the links, like MetaFilter or Digg or Reddit. そう, just a month ago, the front page of Digg had this amazing story about a crazy female dentist who got angry at her boyfriend and pulled all of his teeth: Hell hath no fury like a woman with access to pliers and laughing gas scorned.

A Navigation Guide for the Disaster Pages of Dr. , Links to Educational and Scientific Information regarding Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Natural Disasters, Climate Change, Global Warming, Ocean Governance and Disaster Archaeology.

注釈 25 Read by 3, people The pipes of hospitals carrying away the infections of the sick are bound to be quite disturbing places. But scientists dared to snoop around in them anyway and found that they can fuel superbugs. That DNA can give superbugs the power to defeat modern medicines and threaten the lives of patients. The study began back in after a severely ill woman carried a bacterial infection into a New York health care center. Using whole-genome sequencing for the first time in such an investigation, the team identified the culprit: The microbe, they discovered, was probably traveling between rooms after lodging in sinks and drains.

Some were ripped out and others were sanitized in an extensive eradication effort. Carbapenemase-producing organisms CPOs are a global concern because of the morbidity and mortality associated with these resistant Gram-negative bacteria. Horizontal plasmid transfer spreads the resistance mechanism to new bacteria, and understanding the plasmid ecology of the hospital environment can assist in the design of control strategies to prevent nosocomial infections.

A 5-year genomic and epidemiological survey was undertaken to study the CPOs in the patient-accessible environment, as well as in the plumbing system removed from the patient.

Military communication

It was taken by Corporal Guy Adderley of the Intelligence Corps in May , one of the team who interrogated Himmler after his arrest at a British checkpoint in northern Germany as he tried to flee in disguise following the fall of the Third Reich. Himmler on his deathbed minutes after committing suicide He was transferred to a British interrogation centre in the town of Luneburg, and was due to be questioned over war crimes the following day, when he poisoned himself. But Adderley kept this grainy photograph among his wartime mementoes, which have remained hidden from the world for decades.

It was estimated to fetch thousands of pounds, a startling sum that reveals the historical value of such an image. From agriculture student to master of terror:

Centuries of style. The cathedrals of Britain span the millennium – from the cathedrals 日付 from the s to the modern cathedrals found in Liverpool and Coventry.

Ocean Sciences News Indonesian Cave Reveals Nearly 5, Years of Tsunamis Researchers explore a coastal cave containing layers of sand deposited by 11 prehistoric tsunamis and demonstrate that the time period between massive waves is highly variable. Kerry Sieh left and Charlie Rubin use fluorescent lights to look for charcoal and shells in sediment layers in a cave in Indonesia to use to radiocarbon date tsunami deposits. The researchers noticed that a depression in the floor of the cave—near Banda Aceh, Indonesia—contained distinct stratigraphy: After closer examination, the team members realized they had found a natural record of tsunamis sweeping sand repeatedly into the cave over thousands of years.

The massive waves were not regular in time: Periods of calm ranged from millennia to merely decades. Rubin and his colleagues showed that at least 11 tsunamis had swept over the region over a span of about 5, 年. But the massive waves were not regular in time: This finding—that tsunami recurrence intervals are highly variable—is proof that regional hazard mitigation plans should be based on the high likelihood of future destructive tsunamis rather than estimates of recurrence intervals, the team suggests.

Those massive waves include the deadliest tsunami in history , which was unleashed in not far offshore from where the cave is located and which killed more than , 人. This study also represents the first time that cave data have been used to measure tsunami recurrence intervals, McAdoo said.

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Reflections on Urban Ministry. Westminster John Knox Press, Does the church have a role to play in public life? あれは, should the church devote its attention to things spiritual and stay out of things temporal?

A tunnel is an underground passageway, dug through the surrounding soil/earth/rock and enclosed except for entrance and exit, commonly at each end. A pipeline is not a tunnel, though some recent tunnels have used immersed tube construction techniques rather than traditional tunnel boring methods.. A tunnel may be for foot or vehicular road traffic, for rail traffic, or for a canal.

It could be because it is far more likely they are caused by local events like those we see take place on a fairly regular basis than a single global event. It could also be due to radioisotope 日付. Say what you like about rodioisotopes, they cannot be sorted hydrologically. If they could, it would be a billion dollar patent. 右, how illogical of them to first consider processes we see at work today when trying to determine what took place.

The Bible is divinely inspired and inerrant throughout, .... No apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and science, can be valid if it contradicts Scripture. A bigger hindrance to scientific research than making up your mind about the validity of evidence before examining it? Then we should find the pterodactyls above the elephants.

‘Dancing with the Stars’ dancer Karina Smirnoff shares dating disasters, 助言

Why is it that he seems so ready – taking off his diaper and saying, “Pee-pee, Mommy! I tried Pull-Ups; he just treats them like diapers. I tried underwear; he has no qualms whatsoever about soiling them and then just chillin’.

Using H. Richard’s paradigms of the relationship of Christ and Culture, the Reformed tradition, going back to John Calvin, has assumed that the church is called to engage in the transformation of culture. The author of Theology from the Trenches, Roger Gench, is part of this Reformed tradition and has embraced the call to be engaged in ministries of transformation.

It seems both were having serious marital problems with their Costa Rican wives. The younger of the two guys is involved in a court case and very upset. To make matters worse he has two children with the woman. The guy seemed to think he has an advantage over the woman and will be victorious. The second gentleman who was involved in the conversation also has a marriage that is on the rocks. I heard him say that he was prepared to lose everything and wanted to leave the country as soon as possible.

I know of countless horror stories about men who have been in similar situations as the two guys above. Most Costa Rican women are more devoted, warmer and more loving than their American counterparts. They really like American men because they are good providers. しかしながら, some I have met have gone through hell when involved with women here. Before becoming involved with a Costa Rican woman, you should realize many cultural differences can lead to all kinds of problems, especially if you do not speak Spanish fluently.

I have seen so many disasters with people who try to create a relationship without a common language.

Karina Smirnoff ends third engagement

BY Chris Higgins December 22, Epistolary history is full of open letters, those that are written with the intent that they’ll be read by a wide audience. Here we’ve collected six of the best or at least, most influential open letters of all time. Letter from Birmingham Jail Writer:

Deformation is the action or process of changing in shape or distorting, especially through the application of pressure. In geologic terms, deformation refers to changes in the Earth’s crust related to tectonic activity, particularly folding and faulting. Heat from inside the earth drives mantle convection (hot material rises, cool material sinks, Figures and ).

Print this page Centuries of style The cathedrals of Britain span the millennium – from the cathedrals 日付 from the s to the modern cathedrals found in Liverpool and Coventry. They display a wide array of architectural styles from Early English Gothic, to the majesty of the Renaissance at St Paul’s and the sixties modernism of Liverpool’s Roman Catholic Cathedral. In the Middle Ages and up to the Reformation in the s, the Church enjoyed enormous power and wealth, and cathedrals are eloquent symbols of its dominant place in British society.

Cathedrals in the Middle Ages weren’t the quiet, reverential places of worship we know today. In Lincoln, 例えば, the central nave or aisle was where pilgrims chatted and shared news; there would have been an elaborately carved stone screen to separate the ordinary people in the nave from the priests and monks worshipping and singing in the choir. Cathedrals were elaborate and brightly coloured before much of the interior decoration and original medieval art was destroyed during the Reformation and the Civil War.