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LongoMatch is optimized to work with resolutions up to 4K. Review your live tagged events and share them with your team over WiFi. Add comments and drawings to your events and zoom into them for a detailed view. Our multi-camera approach enables you to watch a play from up to 8 different angles. You can also create advanced statistical reports and export them to an Excel file for a more personalized analysis. Multi-Sport Use LongoMatch to analyze a multitude of team sports. Multi-Platform LongoMatch can be installed on multiple operating systems and its files are cross-platform compatible. I like to work with it because I can analyze team technics and tactics.

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A new approach to code signing A best practices guide on how to manage certificates and provisioning profiles in your development team. Wait, what is code signing? Code signing is required on iOS when distributing your app to customers. Code Signing with Teams When deploying an app to the App Store, a beta testing service or even installing it on a single device, most development teams have separate code signing identities for every member.

This results in dozens of profiles including a lot of duplicates.

Start studying Bus Chap 5 Exam 2. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. mobile device, or network. a signature might not match the one on file in a signature verification system.

Automatic Plant Watering Device simple Version This Instructable will teach you how to simply make an automatic plant water-er. Perfect for when you’re going on vacation or when you just don’t remember to water your plants. It will provide a specific dose of water on whatever schedule you set to one plant.

I made this to keep my pot of dragon trees tree alive while I was out of town for 5 weeks. It’s a bunch of big trees in a small pot so they need to be watered pretty often and I didn’t feel like calling in friend favors to stop by every other day for more than a month. Those gel packs , plastic bags, 2 liter bottles, plant wicks, etc wouldn’t work because they don’t hold or move enough water. The tree goes through about a cup and a half of water a day.

And commercial timed pumps things were expensive. It worked so well I’ve kept using it even when I’m not on vacation. It’s been working perfectly every day for two years. As long as I remember to fill it up once a month.


Much of our digital lives is stored on our Apple devices, and we recommend that you always use a passcode or password to help protect this important information and your privacy. With just a touch of your finger, the sensor quickly reads your fingerprint and automatically unlocks your device. Developers can also allow you to use Touch ID to sign into their apps. Advanced technologies The technology within Touch ID is some of the most advanced hardware and software that we’ve put into any device.

Before you go making any changes to , you must make a full Nandroid backup or use ROM Manager to make a full backup of your device just in case everything goes pear-shaped. That means you must also know how to restore that backup if the process falls in a heap.

Portal is a screen-based communications gadget that will compete with the Amazon Echo Show. Facebook reportedly plans to ship it in the second half of But Facebook will face tough odds as it tries to catch up with the rival tech giants in a market that many believe could become the next major computing platform. And Facebook has little experience creating hardware products, besides its separate Oculus virtual reality business.

The move begs the question as to whether Facebook’s Portal will be able to match some of the capabilities of the Amazon or Google products, which rely on sophisticated virtual assistants to respond to user queries. According to the Cheddar report, Facebook is positioning Portal as more of a communications device for users of the social network. Portal is the first device to come out of Facebook’s troubled Building 8 hardware group, and according to Cheddar the device could be unveiled at Facebook’s upcoming developer conference this Spring.

Facebook declined to comment. This post originally appeared on Business Insider. Jan 16, More from Inc.


One that is exactly like another or a counterpart to another: Is there a match for this glove in the drawer? One that is like another in one or more specified qualities:

how to choose an android emulator that match real device. Ask Question. How should I pick when there are no one nexus device that match it completely? Thanks. android size emulation Please consider the layout, layout-large, layout-xlarge for making all screen compatibility application. For example, layout – Mobile screen layout-large.

Today I found out that lighters were invented before the match. This one had me scratching my head for a bit. There are several sites out there that say the match came first. The match they are referring to, the one they say came before the lighter, was nothing more than sticks not tooth-pick size, but actual sticks, they found laying around soaked with a flammable chemical for easy lighting later with tinder.

The sticks then burst into flame when you provided sparks or fire by some other means. They were invented in the 16th century out of nothing more than a converted flintlock pistol. Now you can argue that a pistol is no lighter. So it was simply an easier way of making fire than just lighting a stick not chemically coated. So now that semantic controversy is out of the way, here are some match and lighter facts. These little beauties were a little too successful.

And, as it turned out, white phosphorus was highly toxic. So what about the lighter you ask; well as you know the first ones were nothing more than the converted pistols in the 16th century. It was this that made lighters as we know them today, possible.


The physical unit to specify positions and sizes in. The output is either drawn to the screen or captured as a texture. This is also the default functionality of the Canvas when no Canvas Scaler is attached. Scale With Screen Size Using the Scale With Screen Size mode, positions and sizes can be specified according to the pixels of a specified reference resolution.

The practice of recording audio on a separate device is called “double-system” shooting. You need to be a bit more organized and methodical when working this way. There are a number of different manufacturers making custom softie windscreens for specific portable recorders, The AUX output from the Rolls mixer will match the input.

The latest effort, developed at the University of Rochester, not only overcomes some of the limitations of previous devices, but it uses inexpensive, readily available materials in a novel configuration. Forgoing the specialized components, Howell and graduate student Joseph Choi developed a combination of four standard lenses that keeps the object hidden as the viewer moves up to several degrees away from the optimal viewing position.

Many cloaking designs work fine when you look at an object straight on, but if you move your viewpoint even a little, the object becomes visible, explains Howell. Choi added that previous cloaking devices can also cause the background to shift drastically, making it obvious that the cloaking device is present. In order to both cloak an object and leave the background undisturbed, the researchers determined the lens type and power needed, as well as the precise distance to separate the four lenses.

To test their device, they placed the cloaked object in front of a grid background. As they looked through the lenses and changed their viewing angle by moving from side to side, the grid shifted accordingly as if the cloaking device was not there. There was no discontinuity in the grid lines behind the cloaked object, compared to the background, and the grid sizes magnification matched. The Rochester Cloak can be scaled up as large as the size of the lenses, allowing fairly large objects to be cloaked.

This means that the cloaked region is shaped like a doughnut. He added that they have slightly more complicated designs that solve the problem. Also, the cloak has edge effects, but these can be reduced when sufficiently large lenses are used.


Users create profiles and describe themselves and what they are hoping to find in the people they might date. These profiles and other tools are key to finding that special person. Therefore, you can find someone interesting at any time and ask them out.

Match-up Worksheet Maker Welcome to the Match-up Maker. You can follow the instructions below to make your own custom match-up worksheet, or choose one of Operating System: All.

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Sacred Guardians readying their DiaDhanks. The Duel Disk is based on an ancient Egyptian artifact called a “DiaDhank”, a golden device worn similarly to the Duel Disk that uses the user’s Ba Life Force to summon Ka spirit monsters from their stone tablets and control them. Unlike the Duel Disk, the DiaDhank can only control up to 3 monsters at once. In place of the Life Point counter is the Eye of Wdjat , which contains a glowing yellow meter that measures the user’s Ba, as the disk measures life points.

is one of the leading and most trusted matrimony websites in India. Making happy marriages happen since , Jeevansathi understands the importance of choosing the right partner for marriage, especially in the Indian cultural setup.

Home Social Trends Now a device for match-making! Now a device for match-making! Forget horoscope, now a device can assist you in match making! The genius behind this invention is a German man based in Australia. People have different levels of faith on different priests and their techniques. This device is something that is constant, consistent and purely science-based. The role of this device comes in after you have already filtered out on a conscious basis ie assuming a girl is looking for a guy and has 20 profiles she likes.

After filtering on parameters that she wishes to use, she consciously shortlists final four guys, who all look similar to her in terms of preference. This is where the device comes in handy. By reading what she subconsciously thinks is the right choice for her, which is done by measuring different skin responses that arise in stimuli to picture of each guy, the device will guide her choose the most suitable life partner.

In one line, this device tells you what your heart really wants.

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