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This page hosts the work of NRGI experts on state capture and its effects, along with news coverage of such work. TRAINING This advanced-level multi-stakeholder course is open to exceptional leaders from government, civil society, parliaments, media, international development agencies and industry associations as well as academics, researchers and analysts from universities and think tanks. The deadline to apply is 26 November. It is the product of 89 country assessments eight countries were assessed in two sectors , compiled by researchers, using almost 10, supporting documents. It also provides an important opportunity for the government and companies to build public trust in the petroleum industry. Publication Natural Resource Charter 2nd ed. The Charter is a set of principles for governments and societies on how to best harness the opportunities created by extractive resources for development.

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Religious basis[ edit ] Creation science is based largely upon chapters 1—11 of the Book of Genesis. These describe how God calls the world into existence through the power of speech “And God said, Let there be light,” etc. Creation science attempts to explain history and science within the span of Biblical chronology , which places the initial act of creation some six thousand years ago. Modern religious affiliations[ edit ] Most creation science proponents hold fundamentalist or Evangelical Christian beliefs in Biblical literalism or Biblical inerrancy, as opposed to the higher criticism supported by Liberal Christianity in the Fundamentalist—Modernist Controversy.

However, there are also examples of Islamic and Jewish scientific creationism that conform to the accounts of creation as recorded in their religious doctrines. This dates back to George McCready Price , an active Seventh-day Adventist who developed views of flood geology, [25] which formed the basis of creation science.

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Much information is available on espresso beverage, machines, foodservice establishments but precious little regarding this particular coffee offering. The connection between cappuccino and the Capuchin monks is tenuous at best. We have no proof these folks actually consumed this beverage. None of our historic Italian food history resources mention Cappuccino. Our survey of historic USA newspaper confirms the popularity of cappuccino in the early s.

Older references mention ingredients including cinnamon but not proportions. The word means literally ‘capucin’, and its application to coffee is generally taken to be a reference to the colour of the habit work by monks of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchins, an independent branch of Franciscans the word capuchin itself is derived ultimately from Latin cappa, ‘hood’, which comes from caput, ‘head’.

Cappuccino probably established itself in English in the coffee bars of the s A traditional beverage of Italy, cappuccino is made by forcing steam through milk or cream to form a creamy topping for the coffee, though in America it may be served simply with whipped cream on top. The drink is supposedly named after a Capuchin monk in whose garden coffee was grown in Brazil in Others say the name derives from the drink’s resemblance to the tonsured heads of Capuchin monks.

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Korean food is great, but most restaurants are used to serving groups, or at least couples. Many times you’ll simply be refused service entering a restaurant alone. Unlike Japan, eating alone is stil frowned upon in Korea and mostly impossible. Exceptions are of course expat areas like Itaewon which are more used to it. Also outside signage and menus are mostly still in Korean, without any English translations generally. Even if you learn the Korean characters, you won’t know the words, so this makes it impossible to order.

This is slowly changing though, especially in hipster areas. You might ask “why does this reviewer care stuff is in English or not, they’re in Korea, what does he expect? Well, it’s and Korea presents itself as an international country, English should be the default sub text. There’s more challenges, it’s very difficult to meet Koreans, you’ll always be seen as the “token” foreigner in social groups.

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This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License http: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Hysteria is undoubtedly the first mental disorder attributable to women, accurately described in the second millennium BC, and until Freud considered an exclusively female disease. Over years of history, this disease was considered from two perspectives:

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Share It had initially been thought Woodward would leave the university voluntarily. Her legal counsel, James Sturman, QC, said at the time of the hearing Woodward was ‘reluctant’ to return because she was worried at being recognised. After the court case Oxford had also suggested she would be subject to a speedy inquiry that could have seen her kicked out of the university. At other universities and medical schools, students convicted of violent offences who are also drug addicts can expect to be expelled.

But she has now voluntarily suspended her studies, meaning a disciplinary panel cannot rule on whether to expel her until she decides to return. A source at Oxford University said Woodward could be trying to ‘set the terms’ of the process so she is looked on more favourably once she completes her sentence. But they highlighted that she will go through the same rigorous disciplinary procedures regardless of how much time passes.

A friend of the year-old claimed Woodward had the support of a number of senior figures at Christ Church College. The unnamed friend said she had ‘an awful lot of institutional support’ and academics recognised her as a ‘potential Nobel Prize winner’. A source at Oxford University said Woodward could be trying to ‘set the terms’ of the process so she is looked on more favourably once she completes her sentence They said: She’s done some very interesting work in cardiology, they’ve described her as a future Nobel Prize winner.

Woodward is already in conversations to do a DPhil at Oxford, the friend claimed. A judge must now look at Woodward’s application and decide whether to grant her permission to appeal.

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Lower curves show the fraction of positive words in messages, which increases slightly for messages sent by women but decreases for messages sent by men. Bottom Expected payoffs to writing longer and more positive messages, holding desirability gap at its city-specific mean. We see that longer messages are positively associated with response rates only for women and men in Seattle. Positive messages are somewhat negatively associated with response rates for men; women have mixed success with more positive messages, depending on the city.

The lower set of curves in the same panels shows a simple measure of the emotional content of messages, the fraction of positive words [based on the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count LIWC database 22 , 23 ].

lasciato i suoi lipsone della Guardia di polizia mi ha consegnato un pezzo di dy tra la folla deve aver lasciato cadere in tasca, ha la carta sono stati scarabocchiato queste parole: _Look fuori per il Wild Dog _I sent la carta per.

Now comes the return of the Mustang Cobra Jet drag strip race car by Ford Performance – is targeted to be the most powerful and quickest version from the factory yet, capable of running the quarter-mile in the mid second range while topping mph. It includes a supercharged 5. Race add-ons include NHRA-certified roll cage, Racetech FIA seats, and a drag race-specific coil-over suspension with specially designed Weld Racing wheels with 50th anniversary badging.

The result is a turnkey racer that showcases many performance add-ons available from the Ford Performance Parts catalog for Mustang dating back to the original Cobra Jet. Offered in either Race Red or Oxford White, the Mustang Cobra Jet features an available commemorative 50th anniversary graphics package and anniversary badging. Final Mustang Cobra Jet ordering and product specifications will be released this summer. While the Ranger is the ultimate tool for the adventuring-type, how the owner customizes it to best suit their needs is where the fun really begins.

Ford custom built Rangers: Ford Accessories Base Camp Ranger: Camping and getting off the beaten path is clearly where this truck shines.

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However, the very beginnings of bioinformatics occurred more than 50 years ago, when desktop computers were still a hypothesis and DNA could not yet be sequenced. The foundations of bioinformatics were laid in the early s with the application of computational methods to protein sequence analysis notably, de novo sequence assembly, biological sequence databases and substitution models.

Later on, DNA analysis also emerged due to parallel advances in i molecular biology methods, which allowed easier manipulation of DNA, as well as its sequencing, and ii computer science, which saw the rise of increasingly miniaturized and more powerful computers, as well as novel software better suited to handle bioinformatics tasks. In the s through the s, major improvements in sequencing technology, along with reduced costs, gave rise to an exponential increase of data.

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An initial canto , serving as an introduction to the poem and generally considered to be part of the first cantica, brings the total number of cantos to It is generally accepted, however, that the first two cantos serve as a unitary prologue to the entire epic, and that the opening two cantos of each cantica serve as prologues to each of the three cantiche.

Additionally, the verse scheme used, terza rima , is hendecasyllabic lines of eleven syllables , with the lines composing tercets according to the rhyme scheme aba, bcb, cdc, ded, Written in the first person, the poem tells of Dante’s journey through the three realms of the dead, lasting from the night before Good Friday to the Wednesday after Easter in the spring of Beatrice was a Florentine woman whom he had met in childhood and admired from afar in the mode of the then-fashionable courtly love tradition, which is highlighted in Dante’s earlier work La Vita Nuova.

Within each group of 9, 7 elements correspond to a specific moral scheme, subdivided into three subcategories, while 2 others of greater particularity are added to total nine. For example, the seven deadly sins of the Catholic Church that are cleansed in Purgatory are joined by special realms for the Late repentant and the excommunicated by the church. The core seven sins within Purgatory correspond to a moral scheme of love perverted, subdivided into three groups corresponding to excessive love Lust , Gluttony , Greed , deficient love Sloth , and malicious love Wrath , Envy , Pride.

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Early works[ edit ] Although there has been speculation about earlier works, Sorabji’s earliest known albeit lost composition is a transcription dating from of Delius’s In a Summer Garden. Poem for Piano Solo , [74] or with only the latter, [75] but Sorabji himself regarded his First Organ Symphony as his first mature work. It is his first piece in which baroque organisational principles play an important role. The first piece to apply the architectural blueprint of this style is his Fourth Piano Sonata — It consists of three sections: A “tapestry of motives”; An ornamental slow movement almost always labelled as a nocturne ; A closing compound movement, which includes a fugue.

Lionsgate and Universal Music Publishing Group Sign Multiyear Agreement () Stan and Lionsgate Announce New Multi-year Licensing Agreement in Australia () STARZPLAY Launches on Amazon Prime Video Channels in the UK and Germany ().

The collection includes a broad range of software related materials including shareware, freeware, video news releases about software titles, speed runs of actual software game play, previews and promos for software games, high-score and skill replays of various game genres, and the art of filmmaking with real-time computer game engines. The Old School Emulation Center TOSEC is a retrocomputing initiative dedicated to the cataloging and preservation of software, firmware and resources for microcomputers, minicomputers and video game consoles.

The main goal of the project is to catalog and audit various kinds of software and firmware images for these systems. TOSEC catalogs over unique computing platforms and continues to grow. The goal of the TOSEC project is to maintain a database of all software and firmware images for all microcomputers, minicomputers and video game consoles.

In addition to this, the project also catalogs other computing and gaming resources such as software and hardware manuals, magazine scans and computing catalogs. CDR files, as well as browsed online through the Internet Archive’s file listing interface. The collection contains shareware, freeware, and demo programs, all DOS or Windows-based. The FTP Site Boneyard is a collection of various FTP sites from around the internet, gathering what were once the dominant form of file transfer online but which have fallen to the wayside in favor of other update servers and cloud-based storage.

From the mid s to the late s, FTP sites would gather various needed patches, programs, utilities or information and make it available in a quick, seamless fashion. FI and its ancient machine drivers, ftp. In all, many gigabytes of historical files are located here. Many times, contributions and collections come in the form of a disk drive, or the output from a single hard drive’s contents. Instead of delaying these items until they can be curated, the Disk Drives collection provides access to these large file repositories.

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September 15, Like humans, birds too fall in love. Females choose mates if they find them stimulating in some way, not necessarily obvious to an outside observer. This stimulation for the females increases the likelihood of successful copulation and encourages paternal commitment for the time needed to raise the young.

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How the new Manchester branch of Belgo will look on Deansgate Get What’s On updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email It’s out with paella and in with moules frites as La Tasca makes way for a new Belgian restaurant in Manchester. The Deansgate tapas bar will be replaced by the city’s first branch of Belgo, another casual dining chain with six sites in London and one in Nottingham.

Both brands are owned by The Casual Dining Group, which has revealed the swap in a planning application for a change of the sign outside. Launched in Chalk Farm in , Belgo specialises in moules-frites mussels with French fries , serving eight variations on the Belgian classic, from a Thai twist to a Korean kimchi version. Read More Pizza and poutine bar Brewski is opening in Chorlton Belgo’s classic moules Behind the bar will be a whopping selection of more than 60 Belgian beers, from Trappist and abbey ales to witbiers, blondes and fruit beers, as well as cocktails, schnapps and wine.

There’s no word from the Casual Dining Group yet on when the Manchester restaurant will open, but watch this space.

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